• Win a trip (with your dog!) to NYC where ANNIE was filmed

    We Love a Good Adoption Story! Don’t You? One of our favorite classic tales of adoption might also be one of your favorites. ANNIE, which made its stage premiere back in 1976, went on to be a Broadway hit the following year, with a movie version following soon after in 1982. Now, all these years […]

  • A dog doesn’t care…

    “A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heard and he will give you his.” We love this quote from John Grogan. It’s so true and for cats and other pets too!!! Our pets love us with all of their hearts no matter our weaknesses. […]

  • I’m a dogaholic

    Rescuing a dog is a life-changing experience for so many people. Knowing you’ve saved a life is pretty profound and the great rewards our adopted pets bring to our world are simply immeasurable. Once you adopt one pet, you want to adopt them all! Have you had that experience, too? Tell us by commenting on […]

  • Don’t Shop, Adopt: Inside the exotic pet trade

    We love informative infographics that help animals! The awesome folks over at Havahart created the “Don’t Shop, Adopt: Inside the exotic pet trade” infographic below about the exotic pet trade and how it not only harms the exotics but companion pets like dogs and cats as well. Infographics are a great way to learn a […]

  • DIY Feral Cat Shelters

    Our friends over at Hausepanther brought these genius ideas to our attention: Do It Yourself feral cat structures you can make from recycled political yard signs! Or brand new Coroplast plastic if you’d rather choose a solid color scheme. The creator is a industrial design student from Houston, Texas named Chris Peterson. Chris calls his awesome […]

  • N2 the Talking Cat – helping homeless cats everywhere!

    Really, you know what the internet was made for… silly cat videos! N2 the Talking Cat is one awesome example of this phenomena, with millions of videos of his videos on YouTube. We love N2 not just for the way he makes us smile, like in his latest N2 the Talking Cat S3 Ep5 Defender […]

  • Prepare Your Dog for a New Baby

    What does your dog expect when you’re expecting? We’ve heard stories of dogs curling around pregnant bellies, stealing baby toys, and many other silly and wonderful stories from our pregnant friends and family about their dogs behavior when a human baby is on the way!  Our friends over at Bark Busters —the world’s largest dog training company—offers […]

  • Blind Dog Makes Miraculous Recovery Thanks to Rescuers!

    It’s hard to pick favorites, but this is one video that will surely help anyone to see how much potential lies within every shelter pet. Meet Tessa. Tessa was dumped at a shelter after she went blind. She could not walk or even stand. Watch Tessa’s video to see what a little love can do for […]

  • In Case Your Dog is Lost – FidoFinder.com

    The thought of losing your dog is of course not a fun thing to consider, but the digital age has brought us more tools to help in the event it does happen. One of the sites we applaud to help with reuniting you with a lost dog is FidoFinder.com.  FidoFinder.com has reunited hundreds of lost […]

  • This Month’s PeoplePets.com Featured Pet!

    Adopt-a-Pet.com’s partnership with PeoplePets.com is helping to raise awareness about pet adoption! Each month a new lucky fur-kid is featured on their website, and this month it’s Miss Amanda Jones! Amanda is an 8 year-old, beautiful, one-eyed Pit Bull mix in Los Angeles who is looking for her happy forever home. Although her past included some hardships, […]