• Deaf pets are special

    Pets are amazing in so many ways, and one really remarkable way is how they handle a disability like deafness. Though cats and dogs who aren’t deaf use their excellent ability to hear sounds to interact with the world, including humans and other pets, partial or fully deaf pets use their other senses to make […]

  • Adopting a Dog with Megaesophagus

    Megaesophagus is mouthful of a name for a rare condition that affects dogs, cats, and humans too! Those in the know refer to it as “ME” or “Mega E” and many are passionate about spreading the word to help pet owners and potential adopters understand that megaesophagus can be managed and dogs can lead fairly […]

  • Blind Dog Makes Miraculous Recovery Thanks to Rescuers!

    It’s hard to pick favorites, but this is one video that will surely help anyone to see how much potential lies within every shelter pet. Meet Tessa. Tessa was dumped at a shelter after she went blind. She could not walk or even stand. Watch Tessa’s video to see what a little love can do for […]

  • Oskar the Famous Special Needs Cat!

    There is an owner for every pet and a pet for every owner. Even the ones with special needs. Caring for special needs pets isn’t a burden – it’s actually an especially rewarding, fulfilling journey! Just ask Mick and Bethany Szydlowski who rescued a blind kitten you may have heard of named Oskar. Oskar is […]

  • Special Needs Animals and the Lessons They Bring

    Here’s an article from Mamapedia about the lessons special needs animals can teach us, written by Katya, the Director of Partnerships and Promotions for Adopt-a-Pet.com. Maryam Faresh and Bruce Meade have five rescued animals, three cats and two dogs. Two of their five, Daisy and Louie, are special needs pets. They have always rescued animals […]

  • What About Daisy?

    Daisy was born blind and deaf and was passed around through many homes before finding her happy forever home. Because of the instability and her special needs, Daisy didn’t know how to be a dog when she came to Maryam and Bruce her knew owners.  Daisy was afraid and anxious, and it would take another […]

  • Living with a Handicapped Dog – Meet Popeye

    This post comes from Pawesome.net and is all about a special needs dog Popeye. Popeye, is like most other dogs in many ways. He enjoys his walks, he loves to wrestle with other dogs, he knows basic commands like “down” and “go to bed,” and he can run like the devil. But it’s how he’s […]

  • Blind Dogs, Deaf Dogs, Wonderful Dogs!

    Max is blind. Snow is deaf. Chumani is blind and deaf. All three dogs are white (a typical trait of deaf or blind dogs). And all three were pulled from Animal Care & Control of NYC (AC&C) shelters within the past year by the amazing Harriet Zucker of Red Hook Dog Rescue in Brooklyn, New […]