• Disaster Relief Requires a Lot of Grit

    With the increase in the number of yearly natural disasters, rescue efforts for pets in affected areas has become a growing need. This year alone animal rescue volunteers have already had to deal with the aftermath of Michael, Florence, and a few other smaller tropical storms. Providing relief during disasters like Florence and Michael often […]

  • Foster Failure really is Foster Awesome

    awe·some adjective \ˈȯ-səm\ = terrific, extraordinary, vs. fail·ure noun \ˈfāl-yər\ = lack of success. If you’ve ever volunteered as a foster home for a shelter or rescue, you may have heard the term “foster failure” when a foster home decides they’ve fallen so deeply in love with the pet they are fostering, they decide to become their adoptive […]

  • Dogs bring peace to Boston victims

    Service dogs are incredible. They are unwavering in their unconditional love and devotion to their jobs, which in hospitals, is to give comfort to humans who are suffering. NBC Nightly News has this story about how service dogs are helping the Boston bombing victims in the hospitals, saying, “Of all the traits that make dogs […]

  • 50 Ways You Can Help Homeless Pets

    We’re kicking off 2013 with a resolution for the year. We’re promising to #ResolveToSolve pet homelessness, and we’re urging animal lovers everywhere to pledge to do the same.  If you have an extra 3 minutes, you can potentially save a homeless pet. If you have an hour, you can do even better! If you have […]

  • It’s Hard To Say Goodbye To A Foster, But It’s Worth It.

    Recently my foster dog, Clooney, got adopted. He is the 36th foster pup we’ve had in our home, and each and every time it’s tough to send them off even though it’s right. Despite the tears, my family keeps fostering dogs in need because it’s just so rewarding. It’s an amazing way to give back, […]

  • Ways to help animals in need over the holidays

    Our friends over at Petcentric.com have some great ideas of ways you can help animals in need over the holidays! The holiday season can be a wonderful time when we all come together with family and friends, and focus on fellowship and service to others including  abandoned animals in our communities. Many people take vacation around […]

  • Volunteer Story: An Angel Finds Her Family.

    I was a new volunteer at the South LA Animal Shelter years ago when Cindy came up to me. She was looking for a black dog because she had heard that black pets had it especially hard at animal shelters. “It’s true,” I told her. “Black pets are more commonly overlooked or feared, so they […]

  • Helping Kenneled Canines Stay Calm

    Good kennel behavior can make all the difference in keeping dogs ready for adoption! Unfortunately some shelter dogs begin to exhibit signs of kennel stress such as barking, jumping, or being highly reactive. In many cases the longer they’re caged, the worse it gets. This can turn off adopters who often assume that’s how the […]

  • New Year’s Resolution: Foster puppies or kittens!

    Animal rescue can be hard work, but it is always always always fulfilling. The backbone of rescue is fostering. Being a foster parent to a homeless pet is a great way to give back, to get involved, and to change your life for the better! By fostering you too can be a part of healing […]

  • Purina Pet Project: A Day of Inspiration

    This past weekend, at a brand-new event called the Purina Pet Project, the folks at Purina once again showed their enormous commitment to supporting not only homeless animals, but the shelters and rescue organizations that care for them.  I had the pleasure (and it was!) of attending this event, along with Adopt-a-Pet.com’s director of animal […]