The image you see at right of a pale blue plastic ball caught in a barbed wire fence might not make sense to you, unless you’ve seen the powerful video PSA created by Cesar Millan to promote the importance of spay and neuter. To me, it makes a lump rise in my throat. Somehow in 1 minute and 1 second video with it’s abstract imagery is stronger than almost any other video PSA I’ve seen about spay neuter, and I’ve seen a lot of them! Before you think “oh I can’t watch it” because sad images of sad dogs or cats make you cry, there is only one live dog in the first few seconds and she’s in a loving home. But wow with it putting your imagination to work, it really works! You can watch Cesar Millans PSA below, and below that you can use the icons to¬† share this video with your friends, family, neighbors, on your Facebook, Twitter… everywhere!

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