Purina-Dog-Content-Brand Chewing is a normal canine behavior. If your dog chews on something that is off-limits, say “no” or “eh” in a low voice. Then immediately give your dog a safe chew toy. Praise him for good behavior. Remember to give your dog safe chew toys instead of old household items like old shoes, because that could encourage him to also chew on new shoes.


Digging is also a normal canine behavior. Some breeds tend to dig more than others; and there are individual variations within a breed. Some dogs may be more inclined to dig if they are left alone in the yard for long periods of time. Without the stimulation provided by regular play and exercise, dogs may turn to digging or other forms of “misbehavior’’ to alleviate their boredom.

During summer months, if your dog digs a hole to cool himself, consider providing a cooler location for him such as an umbrella or some other shade throughout the day and make sure fresh drinking water is always available.

Some dogs will dig under a fence to get out of the yard. Ideally, a fence should fit tight to the ground or even be buried a few inches underneath to prevent a dog’s crawling or digging out from under it.

If you find it virtually impossible to discourage your dog from digging, provide him with a “digging area.” When your dog digs in this designated area, praise and reward him with attention or a treat. If your dog digs outside this area and is caught in the act, a firm “no” is usually a deterrent.

In this aspect of training, as in all others, family members must work together as a team. One overly indulgent family member can create problems by not cooperating in training.

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