Doing our best to help animals in need is our main focus here at We jump at any opportunity to give more pets the ability to live their best lives. Because we know how amazing it feels every time we hear a success story, we want to bring you in on the cause. We need you to help us pick one of the recipients of our Seresto® Circle of Love product grants! It only takes one click to cast a vote! Your vote will help provide deserving animal welfare organizations with much needed flea and tick preventative products.

Voting is now open! Head to our InstagramFacebook, and Twitter to cast your vote for the one you want to win the grand prize social grant! Learn more about the finalists below.

Houston Pets Alive!

Who they are: 

Houston Pets Alive! Is a Texas based rescue that acts as a safety net for surrounding municipal shelters, to save the animals who have no other options.

“Houston Pets Alive! believes that every dog and cat, despite age, breed, or medical condition, deserves a loving home, and the scope of our intake protocol looks beyond these traditional barriers. Our goal is to save every adoptable animal and prepare them for their next chapter in life,” said HPA development manager, Cat Lopez.

For Houston Pets Alive!, a Seresto® product grant would not only allow them to help pets in need, but it would also be an opportunity to educate adopters in their community.

“Part of advocating for our animals includes making sure that pet owners know how to adequately care for their new pet. With Seresto® on board, HPA! could feel confident that our adopted animals’ flea and tick needs are taken care of. Further, we can recommend this effortless, cost-effective solution to new owners, and educate them on how easy good pet-parenting can be!” Lopez said.

“The Seresto® Circle of Love grant would also benefit incoming shelter animals. HPA! saves 2,500 animals every year and aids over 25 Houston-area rescues. With these numbers, Houston Pets Alive! spends over $80,000 in medical supplies annually,” Lopez added. “These expenses include medications, a large portion of which goes towards keeping our pets protected from heartworm, fleas, and ticks. By being awarded this grant, Houston Pets Alive! could dedicate more of its budget to medications for animals with compromised health. That means more second chances for seniors, heartworm positive dogs, and critically ill animals.”

Humane Society & Shelter SouthCoast

Who they are: 

Open since 1911, Humane Society & Shelter SouthCoast is a non-profit organization that serves needy animals throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. They focus not only on helping abandoned and stray animals find homes, but also on educating the public about animal welfare and advocating for the humane treatment of animals everywhere.

“Sometimes a pet’s stay with us can be quite long, so having Seresto® collars that last would be such a relief! We all know how parasites spread quickly in a shelter and we could not be more excited if we win this grant!” Humane Society & Shelter SouthCoast’s assistant manager, Renee Duffy, said.

Receiving a Seresto® product grant would provide Humane Society & Shelter SouthCoast peace of mind and would allow them to give much-needed products to the pets in their care.