PSIs-TYDTWDay-LogoWe’ve paired up with Pet Sitters International, creator of Take Your Dog To Work Day®, for this year’s annual celebration! We’re so excited they started this day as a way to celebrate dogs and all they do to enrich our lives, but also as a way to encourage pet adoption. Pet Sitters International’s Take Your Dog To Work Day® offers a terrific opportunity for all businesses to allow dogs to come to work with their owners as a way to get involved in a great cause. Beth Stultz, a fellow animal lover at Pet Sitters International had some amazing findings to report about the success of this holiday!

“Employees at Village Green, a developer and manager of luxury apartments in Detroit, Mich., have adopted eight dogs since the company began participating in Take Your Dog To Work Day (TYDTWDay®). In 2010 they made the day into an event which raised more than $5,550 to benefit their local Animal Placement Bureau and support its pet rescue efforts.”

We were thrilled to hear about Village Green and hope more companies across the U.S. and abroad will join in to promote pet adoption this year on Friday, June 24, for the 13th annual TYDTWDay®! If your place of work is interested in participating or planning an event click here!
And here are four reasons that Beth offers for why working with your dog on TYDTWDay can be a business savvy decision:

1. TYDTWDay® offers a positive, unique opportunity to increase community involvement and establish new community ties. Participating businesses are encouraged to partner with a local animal shelter, rescue group or humane organization to host a TYDTWDay® event—and often garner local or national media coverage of their efforts as well.

2. Studies have shown that having dogs in the workplace increases productivity and creativity. Surveys also indicate that employees credit dogs in the workplace for decreased absenteeism and improved co-worker relationships and teamwork.

3. Participation in TYDTWDay® is a fun, low-cost “pet perk” to offer employees. At a time when some businesses have been forced to cut jobs and decrease benefits, this simple event may boost employee morale and job satisfaction.

4. TYDTWDay® is for a good cause—to promote pet adoption. This fun day of celebrating the great companion dogs make could encourage employees to adopt a new best friend of their own and raise awareness of local adoptable pets. Participating businesses are encouraged to invite a local shelter or rescue group to bring adoptable pets or share information about their adoption policies. Participants can also use the widgets on to search for local, adoptable pets.

Interested in participating in a fun day in the office with Fido that could also help other pets find their forever homes? Visit to learn more and remember there are hundreds of awesome dogs to choose from right at our “Search Dogs” tab on the homepage right now! We at dream for a time when every day will be a Take Your Dog To Work Day.