Deck the halls with boughs of…rescued Dachshunds?! Don’t we wish! Perhaps the only thing better than adopting one dog is adopting two, and this bonded pair is no exception to the double-the-love-cuteness! Cassidy and Colby are super sweet senior brothers saved in the nick of time by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, an entirely senior-focused rescue group located in San Francisco, CA. These Doxies are incredibly affectionate and spry, love being the center of attention, and love each other! They’re known to cuddle, groom one another, and play like pups. Cassidy and Colby are also great with other dogs and kids, and they’re so adorable that they’re the stars of the latest adoptable feature story!

If you or someone you know is looking to adopt a couple of silly lovebugs, you can find out more about Cassidy and Colby by contacting Muttville. There are so many wonderful senior pets at local shelters and rescue groups right now. Older pets make terrific companions as they’re usually much easier and mellower, already housetrained, and their life experiences make them wiser! Please consider saving a senior pet who would be very grateful for a warm loving home to spend his or her golden years in. Thank you for sharing this story and promoting senior pet adoption!

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