Some, well, most cat trees look like something leftover from a 1970s party gone wrong. Lots of beige shag carpeting and funky platforms! Thank goodness, there is an alternative! If you haven’t already discovered the fabulous blog, lovers of sleek modern and mid-century design will be overjoyed at their online and DIY finds. Our latest favorite post? A semi-do-it-yourself cat stand designed to give a cat a place to eat and perch away from a dog, with high views out of a window as a bonus. Here’s what the creator says:   “After lots of searching, Ashii couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for so she took matters into her own hands. She designed this very unique and modern cat stand and found a local craftsman to build it for her. The stand is made of poplar wood stained espresso with brushed stainless steel bars. The pad on top is covered with sisal weave fabric and is attached with 3M Command Strips so it can be easily changed with the seasons or when it becomes worn. The stand measures just over 4 feet tall, 13 inches deep, and 2 feet long. The total cost was $300, not bad for a custom design. It meets the family’s needs perfectly and Sasha (who might be the cutest thing ever!) absolutely loves it.”

You can see more photos and find out more about the design and creation process at here.
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