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A dog that loves everyone is certainly a wonderful thing, but sometimes that enthusiasm leads to a little too much excitement. Do you find your dog jumping on friends instead of greeting them politely? If you answered yes, this video training tip from our friends at Wagfield is for you!


As you’ll see, we need to first train in easier, low-key situations on leash with family so we can set your dog up for success and reward the behavior we want before taking it up a notch to more challenging, exciting moments with new friends.


When training, build in baby steps, having several successful repetitions before moving up in difficulty. It takes practice, but building a foundation of learning how to be cool, calm and collected will pay off greatly as your pup matures.


Follow these “Paw by Paw” instructions for exactly how to train this behavior first on leash and then with guests coming into your home. With a little practice every day, your dog will be greeting strangers like a gentleman in no time!

Contributed by Wagfield Academy, the online dog training school. For more info on Wagfield Academy, please visit