ferretIf you’re looking for a different kind of pet to adopt, consider a ferret! Ferrets make great pets. They can be loving and sweet companion animals, not to mention loads of fun. Since ferrets are not as commonplace as other pets, they are sometimes harder to read as less might be known about them. Read on to discover some ferret behaviors that may seem alarming to the uneducated ferret owner or observer, but are actually quite common.

Ferrets can sleep so soundly they can seem dead. Ferrets spend 14–18 hours a day asleep and are most active around the hours of dawn and dusk. Sometimes ferrets tremble when they’re anticipating something or excited. Rest assured this is normal, as these little fellows are not shy about their exuberance! They perform a frenzied series of sideways hops, often bumping into things and trembling when they’re happy. Another normal ferret behavior is that they drag their tooshies after using the litter box.

These and other behaviors which might seem unsettling to new owners are actually all regular ferret activities. You can learn more about ferrets and what ferret behaviors really mean by clicking here.

Ferrets are silly, adorable animals that make great pets! You can find a ferret to adopt by using the “Other Pets” search on Adopt-a-Pet.com and then selecting “Ferret” as the species in the small animals section.