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Big news! Animal welfare organizations and companies have come together to help families find their missing pets following natural disasters like hurricanes at, a brand new website dedicated to the mission of uniting lost pets with their homes. has powerful search capabilities that can be used to find pets that are missing from hurricanes as well as helping after future natural disasters too!

In an unprecedented move, 17 animal welfare organizations and private companies have come together in a coalition to share database information regarding lost pets from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to create one centralized, searchable website to find lost pets.

Hurricanes Irma and Harvey devastated the lives of people in Houston and Florida, many lost all material possessions. But for many, the biggest tragedy is their beloved family pet is missing. is a brand agnostic website that will link to all available databases where families can search for their missing pet as well as other pet related resources related to recovery.

This coalition was formed to solve problems on the ground in the hurricane impacted areas. One of the biggest need is to reunite pets with their families because hold periods (the time between finding lost pets and trying to reunite them with their families and, if unable to reunite, offering the pets up for adoption in a new family) for dogs and cats rescued following the hurricanes are ending. Once the hold periods are over, shelters and rescue groups will be allowed by law to adopt out pets to another family.

The growing list of organizations working to get the word out about where you can be reunited with your pet, listed in alphabetical order are:

  2. American Animal Hospital Association
  3. Austin Pets Alive
  4. Best Friends Animal Society
  6. Finding Rover
  7. Michelson’s Found Animals
  8. Helping Lost Pets
  9. Maddie’s Fund
  10. Petco
  11. Petco Foundation
  12. PetCoach
  13. Petfinder
  15. Shelter Buddy
  16. Shelterluv
  17. VetsPlusMore

Live for only a limited time, the database sharing and website will be able to be reenacted if and when another natural disaster strikes that affects pets on the same level.

For more information or to search for a pet lost from one of these natural disasters, please visit