This week we have a truly unique story of a program in PA which matches abused animals with inmates to encourage a mutually beneficial relationships of healing. The dogs live with the inmates in their cells. The inmates are responsible for feeding and caring for the animal at all times. The dogs usually spend between six and 12 weeks behind bars until they’re paroled and hopefully adopted by a forever family. Inside the prison, the dogs and inmates work weekly with a professional trainer. “We’ve adopted out over 90 dogs through the program over the past five years, all of whom are still in their homes and they’re doing really, really well,” McGinley said. “The damage that’s done long term is intense and it takes a long time to reverse it and really teach the animals to trust again,” McGinley said. “And that happens a lot here. You see dogs who come in and are completely broken, who can’t trust any person or any other animal. Every motion that goes by them is terrifying and then you slowly start to see the healing take place. One day you come in and it’s a completely different dog.”