Dear, Thank you so much for lining me up with my new dog – she’s a real sweetie! I signed up for Search Saver just days before you sent me the Happy Beginnings Maddienotice that she was available, and now I have my girl.  She was so happy to get out of the shelter and immediately bonded to me. I drove 3 ½ hours to pick her up – each way.  She was so tired that she slept almost all the way home.  She is calm and smart and a real catch.  Two weeks into her new home, “Maddie” has already fit in with the other two pets, is almost housetrained, knows her name and comes when called (well, almost always).  She is a real “guard dog”, seldom leaving my side, and sleeping on the floor at my side of the bed.  She is healthy and playful and hasn’t chewed up too much of the household.  She is a “giant” which unfortunately means she can reach the tops of most counters and tables, so we really need to use our brains.   She plays constantly with our other shelter dog (5 years old) when they aren’t sleeping it off.   She is calm and sweet and very smart.

I cannot believe how quickly you folks matched me to Maddie.  Thanks again.

Kascha Newberry

Mount Vernon, Washington

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