happy adoption Abigail“I just want to say thank you to your organization for helping to connect me to my new pet dog Abigail. She is beautiful and an amazing animal. She is still acclimating to her new home but I absolutely love her. She looks around and is hesitant to approach anything but I keep telling her, “Yes baby, this is your home, these are your toys, this is your blanket, no more shelter and no more sharing. Everything here is yours.”

I had been looking for a dog to adopt for a few months when I came across Adopt-a-Pet.com on the internet in Oct 2014. I received numerous notices regarding available pets. I went to the shelters to spend time with the dogs when possible but none were quite right for me. I believed (in my heart) that something would click and I would immediately know MY dog. And that’s exactly what happened. I received a notice in September 2015 on a Tuesday, went to the shelter on Thursday and brought her home on Friday. My search took almost a year but my new pet was indeed worth the wait. Thank you again Adopt-a-Pet.com. I am attaching a few pictures of my Beautiful Abigail.”

We’d love to hear your Happy Beginnings story too! Send your pet adoption story to info@cms.adoptapet.com with a photo or two, and tell us how Adopt-a-Pet.com helped you with your adoption. Thank you for adopting a pet and saving a life!