We just love hearing stories of matches made on Adopt-a-Pet.com! This one comes from Julia, a woman with a heart big enough for two! “Dear Adopt-a-Pet.com, Thanks to your site, I saw Sophie’s photo on line last night and went to see her after work today and adopted her. She is the sweetest little thing. I am SO GLAD I found her. Thank you for posting her photo, I promise to make her very happy! If it had not been for your site I would have gone to the shelter totally unprepared and possible spent hours. The photos helped narrow my choices and made it easier. Sincerely, Julia”  …and then a few days later, we received a follow-up:


Dear Adopt-a-Pet.com,

Just wanted you to know I went and got another one that you had posted…Dixie. She’s a medium size black dog…she came with the name of Dixie and I am keeping it. They said she was at least 12. She is SO SWEET but she has some masses and will require surgery…just waiting for my vet to get back from vacation.

I got lucky with both my babies. Thanks again for having your site!

Sincerely, Julia

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