“Dear Adopt-a-Pet.com, Over a year ago with the help of Adopt-a-Pet.com we were able to find a 9-month-old lab mix to come and stay with us. We run a spiritual center and on weekends there are people of all ages showing up. He has become the official greeter and people look forward to seeing him. There are several people who had a fear of dogs but he has taught them to love dogs. 
We have a large family of critters: a horse, a goat, chickens, ducks, turkeys, cats, parrots etc. Most of them are rescues or raised here and our buddy think they are his to take care of. He can walk right up to any of the birds or cats and go nose to nose to them without scaring them.
 I cannot thank of a thing we would change in him. We know he was supposed to be here and that happened through Adopt-a-Pet.com and Bardstown rescue. Thank you! Here are some pictures of Firedog doing what he is good at. This photo is him with a baby turkey sitting on his foot. I have pictures of them playing all over him and he just laid there. [Read on for more photos of Firedog!]

This is Firedog:

This is him with Baby Ducks.  When they first got here he only left them to eat, drink or go outside for about 4 days.  He slept by them and did not want people touching them.

This is with one of his buddies watering the rabbits

Everyone loves a friendly game of tug of war

Catching a nap with his best friend George.  You will notice George is laying on his back feet.

Here he is with his adopted Brother Sky who comes to visit often as possible.

So there are a few pictures of Firedog and his normal days.

Bo and Cheryl