FritzWe received the following letter from a happy adopter who used our Search Saver feature to find their new best friend: Dear, I am unsubscribing to the Search Saver emails because we brought Nevo home from the Dawson County FritzHumane Society yesterday. The people we met there were very kind and demonstrated sincere care for him. I sensed genuine respect and responsibility for the pets. They also communicated professionally to us and offered helpful advice and patience as requested.

Fritz (as he is now called) has been recovering from something like kennel cough, but aside from concern regarding his comfort and well being, I wish to emphasize he is more than a joy. Just a turn of his head and he brightens our day. He responds to positive reinforcement beyond anything we could have imagined. 20 more positives than a negative seems to work, he loves affection! His behavior, demeanor, house training, sit, shake hands and walking on a leash have all been very smooth. He even takes his medicine easily. Our neighbors have met him and like our extended family out of state/country they share our delight. It’s a nice surprise that a little dog is known in 2 countries and 4 states… he is big news! He expects nothing but appreciates everything! We enjoy treating him and indulging him as his pleasure is ours. He has a cushy life now, I don’t know what he had been through before 1/1/11 but I know he is happy now.

So please know your online resource has helped us find Fritz.

Thank you for helping animals.

Fritz’s Family

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