We love hearing from happy adopters who have used Adopt-a-Pet.com to find their new furry friend! Here’s an email we received with a great photo from Susan: “Hi Adopt-a-Pet.com, I just want to thank you for bringing Gizmo into my life. I really am not sure who rescued whom? I saw Gizmo on your site last November and kept going back to his picture (I wasn’t sure I really wanted the responsibility of a dog). After Thanksgiving, I called “Nate’s Place” in Sarasota and asked if Gizmo was still available for adoption. They said yes, so the next week I couldn’t resist. Gizmo was such a charmer, I filled out the papers etc and pop next thing I knew Gizmo had adopted me. He is a wonderful companion and has become the neighborhood social butterfly. He loves everyone and all the pets too!  He even gets along with my daughter’s two cats.  Such a sweetie! (Photo: It is obvious that Gizmo owns the house and allows me to live here with him!) Truly, if I had not seen Gizmo on your site I would never have found him. Thanks, Susan”

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