JACK&JILLToday we have a slightly different Happy Beginnings story, times two! Nothing gives us a double-wide smile like a story of how Adopt-a-Pet.com helped a homeless pet or two find a new loving home. (We’d love to hear yours too, and would be happy to consider it for a future blog post too! Send your Happy Beginnings story to info@cms.adoptapet.com with a photo or two.)  This week’s story is from a foster volunteer. She writes, “In the beginning of March I noticed two beautiful Lab/Golden Retriever 12 week old puppies in a high kill pound in TN. I immediately felt attached to these pups named Jack & Jill. I spoke to the woman who was in charge and she had no connections for vet care or transporting. I went on Adopt-a-Pet.com and emailed every single rescue center in TN. Teh first email I got back was from an angel of a woman named Shayna Rowe from Pawsitive Rescue & Adoption She went the very next morning to the pound. There was no one there taking care of the animals that day. She went to the police department and argued wit hthe sergeant to let her in to get these 2 pups. She got them! Yeaaaa! She got them the proper vetting and 13 days later she drove these babies door to door to my home in Connecticut. I became a foster mommy! This just goes to show you that persistence and team work pays off. We did it!”