We love welcome home stories of an adopted pet’s happy beginning of their new life! Did you find your pet through Adopt-a-Pet.com or one of our Search Saver email alerts? Let us know! Send your adopted pet’s story and photos to info@cms.adoptapet.com and let us know  how Adopt-a-Pet.com helped you welcome home your new pet. Here’s one we received recently via email, from Lacy and her husband Blake: ” Hi! My name is Lacy. My husband Blake and I adopted “Mr. Tims” 3 weeks ago. My husband found him on Adopt-a-Pet.com which led us to his shelter! His new name is George W… we call him George 🙂 He SUCH a wonderful dog! He is so sweet and is adjusting quite well with us! He LOVES going on walks and snuggling before he moves to the hardwood floors which he seems to love! (they must keep him cool) He also LOVES car rides 🙂 We are so happy we were able to give him a safe and loving forever home! I have attached a few pics for you to share if you wanted. Thanks again for sweet George W 🙂 Kindly, Lacy

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