HappyBeginnings MimiWe recently received the following letter.  We just love helping make matches like this!  Dear Adopt-a-Pet.com, If not for your Search Saver emails, I would have missed the opportunity to adopt the world’s best little dog. On July 12th I received an email  from you telling me there was a dog available at Wood’s Humane that met my criteria. Fortunately, I was able to drop everything and go down to see her. It was pretty much love at first sight. Mimi was a Beagle Cocker mix with beautiful brown eyes and a gentle manner and a loving personality.She also seemed to be bright, eager to please and well mannered. What’s not to love? She is wonderful and seems to think I am too.

I decided to crate train her which was new to both of us.  Within 24 hours she was entering her crate on her own and napping in her bed. She has perfect manners and is now walking well on a leash and is riding well in a car.  Both experiences were new to her. She needs these skills because she goes nearly everywhere with me.  We start obedience school on August 10th. You have probably guessed that we have also moved from the crate to the bed at night. I can’t thank you enough for the message that got me to her.

By the way my  friends and I have been making up breed names for her a la the doodle craze.  So far we have Beaker, Cockle, Spangle and Coggle! I’m thinking about having a contest.

Again, my deepest gratitude,
Georgie A.

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