We’re doing our happy dance over here as it’s time for another wonderful adopter sharing the story of how Adopt-a-Pet.com helped them find a pet to adopt! We’d love to hear from you too, please send your adopted pet’s photo to info@cms.adoptapet.com and tell us how Adopt-a-Pet.com find the pet you adopted! And now, I’ll turn the blog over to Mary C, who writes: “Dear Laurie, I decided to Rescue as opposed to buying. I wanted an older dog that didn’t need to be housebroken, liked cats and was small. Sex was not a consideration. My last dog passed almost 2 years ago and I really missed him. Attached is a photo of the best dog we could have adopted. It was love at first sight when we meet. I brought along a pink ruffled coat for her and they had no problem putting it on here. We bonded immediately and she will not let me out of her sight. She was exactly as described in the item…friendly, likes cats, and VERY housebroken. Taryn did let me know what her diet was and that she was accustomed to sleeping in a crate.

Vet visit went well except there was no record of her having the series of 3 distemper shots. That was not a problem. Our vet did feel she was closer to 3 years old based on the tartar on her teeth. Whom ever fostered her did a wonderful job. I do wonder where her puppies are and if they look like her.

She loves to play catch, chase squirrels, ride in the car, go shopping either walking at PetCo or riding in the cart at Lowe’s (I was asked by 3 different people what aisle in the store they could find one as cute as her), cuddle with one of our ragdoll cats and would rather be sleeping on my lap. She does pick up all her toys during the day and return them to the basket, of course, she takes them all out during the day. I do have to work on her going outdoors without me; probably fears that she won’t get back to me.

As I am typing this to you she is asleep in a bed under my desk near my feet. She’ll stay in the bed as long as I’m in the room. When I leave she follows right at my heels.

I’m so glad I found Day Before the Rainbow on your Adopt-a-Pet.com website. Smooch is wonderful and we are very happy we found each other.

Mary C”

We are so happy that we were able to help Mary find her perfect pet. Stories like hers are so inspiring to future adopters! Did you like this article? Click an icon below to share it on Facebook, Twitter, and more!