Today’s Happy Beginnings story with it’s pool pre-jump photo will make you smile and ready for summer! Nothing warms us like a sunny day than a story of how helped a homeless pet find a new loving home. (We’d love to hear yours too, and would be happy to consider it for a future blog post too! Send your Happy Beginnings story to with a photo or two.)  This week’s story is from Sandy in St. Petersburg, Florida. She writes, “In February, I adopted a black lab mix that you had named Tyson ( I renamed him Tank).  I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart . He is the most amazing dog. The day I brought him home, it took him about an hour to learn to use the doggie door, and that night, since he was house trained, I tried not crating him. I wasn’t in bed 20 minutes, and he jumped up on my bed and slept with me.  The only problem with him (and it’s not a problem) is that he thinks he weighs 5 pounds, and decided he is a “lap dog”. I have attached 2 pictures of Tank. One of him getting ready to jump in the pool, and one of him relaxing on the couch. If you would prefer others, let me know. I can take one of him with my 2 year old great grandson who he loves to play with. Again, thank you for having a picture of this wonderful dog on your website so that I could find him and have him make my family complete.”

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