Have you seen the new TV ad from Purina yet? Watch the “Inside every good dog is a great dog™” video here on YouTube. The minute-long spot celebrates mutts, purebreds, rescue dogs, agility dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, therapy dogs with the message that every dog breed, big or small, purebred or mutt, has something amazing within them. It’s been causing quite a buzz on Twitter and in the blogosphere, like here where the author asks “Is the spot selling Kleenex, too?” We think the song is what pulls at your heartstrings – the dogs themselves aren’t sad at all! Happy wagging tails and dozens of adorable dogs of all shapes and sizes walk, run, playbow, roll in their wheels, and snooze belly up in this celebratory visual montage.

Using some pretty incredible technology, you can even use the ads’ Facebook application to upload up to four pictures of your pets and then watch them magically appear within the video! You can then share your version with your friends on your Facebook wall.

The song itself is available for sale with a “name your price” pricetag at  http://tonyrogers.bandcamp.com/track/great where “All net proceeds from the sale of this song will be donated to Pro Plan’s Rally to Rescue, a charity that has helped find loving homes for almost half a million dogs.”

We are obviously huge fans of Purina and all the amazing support they give not just to our mission of helping homeless pets here at Adopt-a-Pet.com but shelter and rescue pets all across the US! Did you know that in 2010, Purina donated pet food and cat litter valued at more than 16 MILLION dollars to 1,273 shelters and rescues? Purina donates food throughout the year in various US locations as it becomes available through their manufacturing plants and warehouses. Non-profit US-based Animal Welfare Organizations can register at www.petsforpeople.com to be notified when donations of Purina® brand pet food are available nearby!

That’s just one year and one of Purina’s pet-helping programs! The Purina ONE® Shelter Pet Program began in 2008, and since then, more than 2 million pounds of Purina ONE® pet food have been donated to more than 200,000 homeless pets across the nation.

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