If you live in the path of or near Hurricane Isaac, there are many animal shelters and rescue groups who desperately need your help with the animals in their care.  Below is a list of five ways that you can help animals being affected by the hurricane right now!  We appreciate that you care about homeless pets.  Together we can ensure that the two-legged and four-legged members of your community are all safe.

1) FOSTER. By taking in one of the hundreds of pets being evacuated from shelters along the Gulf Coast, you can be a hero!  Opening your heart and home to a pet in need is a great way to give back.  For more on the benefits of fostering, click here.

2) ADOPT.  Please consider adopting a homeless pet in a shelter near Hurricane Isaac in order to help these shelters make room for the extra pets coming in at this time.  By choosing to adopt you will be saving many lives as all pet adoption has a domino effect of rescue.  You can even adopt an evacuated pet!

3) DONATE.  Please give generously to shelters directly affected by the hurricane, as well as to shelters nationwide that are taking in pets to help shelters in the area have the room to take in stray storm pets.  Donating directly to an animal shelter will help them offset their extra staffing costs and the increased money they’ll be spending on supplies.

4) NO ANIMAL LEFT BEHIND.  Unfortunately during times of natural disaster, sometimes animals can be separated from their owners.  Please commit to taking your pets with you and do not leave them behind. Furthermore, if you see abandoned animals in need, consider taking action by bringing them with you or call local animal control and law enforcement agencies to help get these pets out of harm’s way.

5) SPREAD THE WORD.  By taking photos, blogging, Tweeting, and posting on Facebook, you can help bring exposure to the animals in the hurricane area who need help at this time.  The more people who see the faces of pets in need, or who hear about all the incredible efforts being done to help our furry friends, the more we can all come together to be a part of life-saving work.

As we all know, it takes a village to save animals.  We thank you for being a part of ours.

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