Petcentric Help Homeless PetsLots of loveable dogs and cats are waiting for their forever homes and like most pet lovers, you would probably take every one home if you could! Luckily, there are lots of other fun and easy ways to help homeless pets. Here are some clever ideas from our friends at petcentric.

Go Shopping!
You’ll find some of the same pet supplies and fun pet items you might ordinarily buy in stores for sale at humane societies, animal shelters and other organizations with one big difference: Some or all of the profits benefit dogs and cats in need.
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To Pets with Love
Your donation of pet items will help give a better life to homeless pets as they wait to be adopted. Ask your local organization for their wish list, or consider a gift of a whole care package. You could also give a nice “starter kit” for new pet owners, which may work as an incentive for potential adopters.
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Fur-mal Attire Required
Bringing your pet into a formal ballroom would most likely be a big social faux pas. But more and more animal organizations are raising much-needed funds by hosting “Fur Balls”, with the typical stuffiness replaced by cuteness from the presence of well-behaved pets.
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