Friends, this month we’d like to introduce you to a very special group that really needs your help in order to continue their life-saving work.  Meet We Luv Paws Sharpei Rescue.  Based in the Chicago area and powered by Carol Judge, her husband Bill, and fellow rescuer Jen Fortner, We Luv Paws has saved the lives ofMandy at least 200 Sharpei dogs and mixes in the last five years. When you think of Sharpei, you usually think of those adorably wrinkly faces that look perpetually concerned. What you might not know is that they have reason to worry: Sharpei often end up in shelters because people buy them as cute, wrinkly puppies, most of the time unaware of the genetic eye and skin conditions inherent to the breed. These conditions, easily treated and controlled early on, can develop into expensive problems if ignored, which leads many irresponsible Sharpei owners to relinquish now-ill dogs to shelters. Once there, these sensitive and loyal dogs can quickly develop stress-related physical and behavioral problems.  As you can see, without the help of rescuers like We Luv Paws, Sharpei too often meet their end in the shelter.

We Luv Paws opens its doors to even the most difficult (and expensive) cases: currently they are caring for Mandy (pictured), a very sick dog who has both demodex mange and heartworm.  Like many rescuers, Carol, Bill, and Jen pay for supplies, medical treatment, and food out of their own pockets when donations and adoption fees aren’t sufficient to make ends meet.  It’s always a struggle and a juggling act, but lately the situation has become dire.  The organization, which already owes thousands of dollars to their veterinarian, is facing possible closure.  Not only have donations been down, but Bill, whose income helps cover the costs of the rescue, recently lost his job.  They need help…and fast.  If everyone reading these words would donate just $2.00, we would change the world for this wonderful organization and all the dogs they care for, not to mention the ones yet to be saved.  Let’s let We Luv Paws know that their work is important to all of us!

To donate funds, go to and use the email address You can also send a check to We Luv Paws c/o Carol Judge, 512 Higgins, Park Ridge IL 60068.  In addition to money, they are desperately in need of dog food.  If you can help, please email  Thank you!