Simon’s cat is adorably troublesome in his Santa Claws video climbing the Christmas tree, knocking the ornaments off one by one, and… well, I won’t spoil the whole thing so you can watch it below! But for non-animated real-life cats and other pets, holiday decorations can pose a real hazard, not just a decorating frustration. Vets report that the most emergency room visits, is from pets eating people food, is tinsel, ribbons, or other wrapping or decorating items. Especially tinsel and ribbons can form blockages that require complicated emergency surgery to save the pets life! There are plenty of pet-safe ways to make your holiday home festive and bright. If you have a dog, cat, or other pet that likes to chew, the safest thing is to keep all ornamentation and lighting completely out of reach — or the pet out of the room! Just like kitten, puppy or child proofing your home year-round, the holidays are a time when pet owners and families with pets visiting can avoid an expensive or tragic vet visit with a little planning and common sense. Now, enough with the serious warnings, and enjoy Simon’s cat antics in his silly little cartoon video!

Santa Claws – Simon’s Cat Video