holiday-pit-catIt’s the holiday season, one of the most popular times for families to adopt a pet – and for pets to end up in the vet emergency office! Both new and experienced pet owners are unaware of how many common items can be hazardous – even fatal – to household pets. Plus, during the holidays our homes are often filled with family and friends who may not fully realize the dangers. You may think your pet would enjoy a party, but the safest thing to do is keep all your pets closed away in a bedroom or otherwise away from the guests, who may, in the generous holiday spirit and excitement of the festivities, not realize that giving a begging dog “just one” treat could be fatal. Especially if your home or festivities include any of these pet-toxic foods or decorative items, please be careful they stay safely out of your pets’ reach… so everyone can safely enjoy the holidays!

If your pet ingests any of these potentially fatal items please CALL YOUR VET IMMEDIATELY.

Human Food: Chocolate, grapes, raisins, avocados, Macadamia nuts, onions or onion powder, garlic, caffeinated drinks, alcohol, any type of cooked bones, fish bones, moldy or spoiled food, raw yeast dough, products sweetened with xylitol which is found in chewing gum or mints.

Common holiday items: antifreeze (tastes sweet pets may lick off floor), ice melting products, liquid potpourri, electrical cords, mothballs, Christmas tree water (pesticides used on the tree can leach into the water), ribbons or tinsel which can clog up intestines.

Have a safe and happy holiday!