You may be surprised to learn that not all dogs know how to play. Some pets were not given exposure to play as puppies and therefore might not know what to do with a ball or toy. Other dogs may not have ever been given proper socialization, and might be overall timid, uncertain, or fearful. This week we got a question posted to our Facebook wall by one of our fans named Sharon, asking our resident dog trainer, Katya, how to help a shy dog learn to play. Sharon recently rescued a puppy mill survivor who is scared and unsure of the world around her. We are so grateful this dog is now safe and loved as part of a family! But we want to help her come out of her shell and be the most well-balanced pup she can be. Check out the response video for tips on how you can help a nervous or scared dog feel more comfortable and learn to let loose with a little play time.

Playing is a great way to bond with your dog, and it’s good for them too! It allows them to enjoy, to interact, and to use many of their natural instincts and ways of communicating. Also, there are tons of tricks and behaviors you can teach your pup through games! Dog training should always be a positive experience and fun for your canines, making them want to learn from and work with you. In our latest video Katya also included some tips that may help your pooch feel safer and less anxious in general.

And please feel free to post your own questions on the Facebook wall or on our Twitter page! Just include the hashtag #AskKatya, and once a week we’ll be choosing a question to feature! We’ll have plenty of other videos to share with you as well in our new series of pet-related training tips, Woof University. We hope we can help set up everyone in your home to succeed so that all the two-legged and four-legged family members stay happy.

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