cat_content_logoConsider that old expression about curiosity and the cat, and kitten-proof your house before bringing home a new pet.

Remove breakables, put safety locks on the cabinets, store all food in the locked cabinets, and keep the toilet lid and the doors to your dryer and oven closed. Consider using benign cleaners like vinegar and baking soda, or make sure you fully rinse the residue from chemical products… and remember to lock those bottles up when you’re done.

Yarn and small items are irresistible, but potentially lethal if ingested, so keep things tidy. Cords are a danger to cats, so secure the ones on your blinds, tape down all computer cords, and buy pet-proof surge protectors for the electrical cords you can’t completely secure, like those going up to a lamp, TV or computer.

Look at everything the way your kitty will, minimize the hazards, and supervise as much as possible. The first few days, you may want to close your kitten in a super-safe area, like the bathroom, when you’re gone.