Gotta love employers who promote pet adoption! That’s one of the many reasons we are such fans of TargetCW, a workforce management and solutions company. TargetCW offers an unique rescue reimbursement program to their employees as a way to incentivize them to adopt their next pet! By paying up to $100 of a pet adoption fee, this is a benefit that encourages pet adoption and engages them all in a company culture ripe with service, compassion, and community. Ryan Anning, CFO of the business, recently took advantage of this special perk and adopted Mia, a blond Labrador mix puppy. Here is his story below! We’re happy to report that many TargetCW employees have been inspired to adopt pets of their own thanks to the company’s encouragement.

“Recently, we had to say goodbye to our family dog of 9 years. It was a difficult time, and hard to explain to my four young daughters what had happened. Our house was too quiet so we looked into adopting a puppy. We searched and found our match on and headed out to a shelter in San Diego to find her! There was Mia, a 2 month old Yellow Lab/Hound mix that was recently abandoned. We decided that there would be no better time to than now to adopt her, and bring her home. Needless to say, our house is again filled with the excitement and joy that a puppy brings, and my daughters are excited for the opportunity to have another dog that they can grow up with. We’ll never forget our first family dog, but are very appreciative for the opportunity to help a great cause and adopt Mia.”

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