whatpetquestionmarksSeveral times our AdoptaPet.com staff and outside adoption experts have covered how to pick the RIGHT pet for your home. We do like focusing on the positive actions you can take, but it’s important to know what to avoid doing too! So we’ve matched some common mistakes that can result in picking the wrong pet, with some suggestions of how to avoid making them. You want the result of your pet-selection process to be that you and your family choose a pet that is the best possible match for your home and lifestyle. So along with being prepared for the work that it can take in the beginning with any new pet, knowing what common mistakes that enthusiastic, often first-time future pet owners make when they pick a pet to adopt, you can do your best to avoid them! Here they are, to help you avoid picking the wrong pet…

  1. Don’t decide on a breed of pet that sounds like the best match for your home, without taking into consideration the often WIDE variation in physical and personality characteristics of individual pets. Make sure to spend time and get to know the actual pet you are going to adopt as much as possible, before deciding to adopt that individual pet.
  2. Don’t adopt a new pet without doing some self reflection, planning and research first. How much time do you have in your life right now to bring in a new pet that may require training? Are you financially ready if your new pet is injured, or gets sick? For more questions to ask yourself, see our past blog article Tips to Finding the Perfect Family Pet.
  3. Don’t make an impulse decision on-site. It can be overwhelming at a shelter when there are so many adorable furry faces begging you with their sad yes to “pick me pick me” and take them home! If you get emotional in a shelter setting, take a more objective family member or friend along to make sure you are making as good and rational choice of a match for your lifestyle and pet experience.
  4. Don’t let your kids sway you to pick an inappropriate pet. While involving your children in the pet adoption selection and adoption process is a wonderful way to teach them about responsible pet ownership and many other important life lessons, you as the adult need to make sure the pet you adopt is a good selection. Do involve children in age-appropriate decision-making parts of the adoption process: they can help pick out the new pet’s toys, or a color of collar, and certainly making sure they and the pet get along is important too! See our past blog article for more ideas at: What Can Adopting A Pet Teach Your Children.

We hope these four tips will help you avoid picking the wrong pet, and find the right pet for you to adopt!