I first learned about the Animal Farm Foundation when I spotted one of their inspiring, powerful posters hanging on a friend’s wall. It had a a big black Pit Bull jumping in the air trying to catch a Frisbee, and the caption read: “No One Tells Her She Can’t Fly”. Tears sprang to my eyes; I was moved and I wanted to find out more about them!  So I learned that the Animal Farm Foundation is a nonprofit organization who’s goal is to secure the equal treatment and opportunities for Pit Bulls, and that they do many things to achieve this mission. They rescue and rehome pooches. They have several programs, as well as give grants to other humane organizations. They make materials showing Pit Bulls in a positive light, and they give those materials away freely. They also educate people and help to break through stereotypes and myths about Pits.

One of my favorite projects of theirs is a recent campaign focused on showing the world that everyday people from all walks of life are Pit Bull owners. That these very people (and their Pitties!) make up the majority by being responsible, loving families with fantastic dogs. They asked participants to download and print a poster that says their name, states them as a Pit Bull owner, and declares them as part of the majority.  They requested heartwarming photos of them with their canines to go along with it, and they call this the “I am the MAJORITY” project. I could tell you how wonderful it is to see all the various people and their Pitties, but you can also see it for yourself!  Click here to  watch a short video of some of their most inspirational submissions – from nurses to police officers to even grandparents, they’re celebrating Pit Bulls and the people who love them!

We thank Animal Farm Foundation for advocating for these pooches, for involving communities, and for helping to prove that Pit Bulls are just like any other dog out there. Make sure to check out our website if you’re looking for a sweet Pittie to bring into your home – then you, too, can be part of the majority!

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