File under things we love: great children’s books with positive messages about animals. It’s so important to teach young people to be empathetic to animals—that’s why we love the new book “Lucky the Lorikeet” by Monica Engebretson, a publication of the Avian Welfare Coalition. Based on a true story, Lucky tells the story of a young parrot who is captured in the wild and with the help of a compassionate young Indonesian boy, eventually regains his freedom to return to the wild where he belongs.

The book’s dedicated website, includes all kinds of information about parrots, the ecosystem in which they dwell, conservation efforts, and even a narrated documentary video clip where children can meet the real Lucky.

Proceeds from the book benefit avian welfare, rescue, and conservation. If you want to help birds like Lucky, never buy a bird from a pet store or breeder! There are so many birds in shelters who need good homes. Visit to find birds for adoption near you!