Here, kitty kitty.  Adopting a cat sure can turn you house into a home!  If you’re ready to adopt a feline friend, you may first want to make certain that your home is cat friendly.  By taking a little inventory and double checking your set up, you can make any necessary changes and then rest easy knowing that your new rescued kitty will be safe, comfortable, and happy!  In order to feel secure and get the mental and physical stimulation they need, cats require different things than other pets might, such as for example dogs.  Whereas pups need daily exercise often in the form of walks, with kitties you’ll want to give them playtime indoors.  A good option could be having a climbing tree in your home which offers a great outlet for their clawing and climbing needs.  Click here to read on about how to make your home more cat friendly.  And if you’re up for a fun project, you may want to consider building a catio for your beloved felines to enjoy!

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