XavierIf you’ve been reading our blog or following us on Facebook, then you already know about the Adopt-a-Pet.com Veterinary Care Fund and the $20,000 you’re helping us to distribute to some very deserving shelters and rescue groups.  So it will come as no surprise that we have updates on even more pets who have benefited from these grants:

Grant Recipient #5: A Paw Up Rescue – Prosser, WA

Working to help pets suffering from everything from pancreatitis to obesity to parvo get back “up” on their “paws,” A Paw Up Rescue – our 5th $1000 grant recipient – will see to it that even more animals in need will get the medical care they require so that they can transition on to happy forever homes. You can read more about A Paw Up here.

Grant Recipient #6: Cullen’s Archangel RescuE  – Columbia, SC

At Cullen’s Archangel RescuE (CARE), the desperate calls for help come from individuals, veterinary hospitals, and animal control officers. If an animal is in need of medical treatment, and there is no one to take responsibility for payment or to care for the pet during the recovery process, CARE, a non-profit all species animal rescue, says yes whenever possible. Now, with the funds from this grant, they will be able to help more little guys and gals, like Xavier (pictured above). Thanks to CARE, the puppy with “the most trusting eyes and the sweetest soul” is on the road to recovery.

Grant Recipient #7: Shepherds’ Hope Rescue – Glen Head, NY

Shepherds’ Hope Rescue was formed by two independent rescuers who forged an alliance to more effectively help their beloved breed, German Shepherds. As volunteers, they house their rescue dogs either in their own homes, foster homes if available, or board them with dog sitters or kennels until placed with their new families. Because they make the commitment to each and every animal to resolve any health or behavioral issues prior to adoption, Shepherds Hope Rescue appreciates the $1000 grant. With it they can provide services to the breed they have made it their mission to help, as well as other dogs in need like Snow and Mikey, whom they rescued from New York’s Animal Care and Control and found to be visually impaired, suffering from neglect, and in need of surgery for entropian.

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