When people adopt a dog, many people don’t realize the importance that spending time training your dog can have on keeping you and your dog happy. Dog training gives you a reason to spend quality time with your dog while training him or her. Your dog will get the pleasure of learning how to work well in your home, and will even get a reward for their efforts!

Training your dog is also about training you and your family on how to communicate with your dog in a loving and clear way. It’s really just communicating clearly to your dog what the rules of your home are, and since dogs are eager to please, once they know the rules, they are happy to get with the program. This is especially true with a rescue dog who is so appreciative of the love you are giving, and who may not have been given the chance to learn how to work well with people in his or her previous home. When you, your family and your dog know what is to be expected in terms of behavior, everyone is happy! Click here to check out this article on training your dog to do sports on Petcentric.com