Pavement, asphalt, wood, metal, sand & car seats can get blazing hot!  These materials absorb heat from the sun and can stay hot for hours (even after the sun has gone down. Temperatures on these surfaces can exceed 145° F‼️


  • Stick to grass and shade on walks, avoid hot asphalt and sidewalks.
  • Walk in the early morning and late evening when it is cooler.
  • Carry water with you.
  • Apply dog paw wax which helps protect paws from heat.
  • Limit exercise on very hot days.
  • KEEP in MIND: Dogs sweat through panting and their paws, so it is hard for them to cool down even on a seemingly mild day. Certain dogs are more susceptible to heatstroke. These include dogs with flat faces (e.g., Pugs, Bulldogs, et al.), thick coats, or heart or lung diseases, as well as black, elderly, or overweight dogs.

And NEVER-EVER leave a dog in a car even on a warm day.  Car interior temperatures increase QUICKLY and can reach unsafe temps in minutes EVEN with windows down, parked in shade.  Don’t do it!

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