Ever wish you had a whole group of dog-loving friends to share info about favorite dog-friendly places? Now, thanks to the new site Wagworld.com, you do!

Wagworld.com is a new, interactive website all about celebrating daily adventures you and your dog have together. It’s a great place to find information about dog-friendly places, including parks, beaches, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and more — anywhere you and your best buddy can have a tail-wagging good time. Best of all, you can read reviews of dog-friendly spots written by ordinary people, so you get the straight (dog) scoop, and you can write reviews of your favorite places to bring your pooch, too. If you don’t see your favorite pup-alicious scene listed, just add it to the map! It’s cute, easy-to-use, and incredibly useful… it even features articles about all things dog-centric. Check it out at http://www.wagworld.com