There is an owner for every pet and a pet for every owner. Even the ones with special needs. Caring for special needs pets isn’t a burden – it’s actually an especially rewarding, fulfilling journey! Just ask Mick and Bethany Szydlowski who rescued a blind kitten you may have heard of named Oskar. Oskar is sort of famous… with over two million viewers watching his precious video on YouTube we can safely say Oskar has star charisma! See it for yourself here.

When the Szydlowskis met Oskar he melted in their arms. Born the disabled runt of the litter, he was off to be surrendered at the shelter before the family stepped in. They know they could not let that happen. When they brought Oskar home, they already had an adopted cat named Klaus who they adopted from The Cat House in Lincoln, NE. And even though they adopted Klaus as an adult they referred to him as “our baby” which is just another reason that this kind couple makes us smile from ear to ear! They’re the type of people who really get it when it comes to pet adoption, and they understand the incredible love a furry family member brings. Anyway, as fate would have it kitty Oskar came into their lives, and even though Klaus had not hit it off with other cats they’d tried to introduce him to in the past, with Oskar it was a different story.

Here is where Oskar’s special needs were probably an advantage to the family. Oskar was born without formed eyeballs. This deformity is probably responsible for his innocent, sweet demeanor, which Mick describes as, “he was born into this world absolutely trusting of everybody and just happy to be here.” The Szydlowskis planned to take all the steps necessary when introducing Klaus to Oskar to make sure it was done properly and positively. They had decided they would even divide their home into two sections for them to live separately if it required. But luckily within five days, Klaus not only accepted Oskar, he also began taking care of his new brother! Very likely Klaus could sense Oskar’s special needs and felt a paternal instinct or compassion rather than competition from his new best friend. Many people report that their pets accept special needs pets more readily and easily.

Though thankfully the transition was a smooth one, the Szydlowskis continued to learn about how to live with a special needs pet. Because they worried about Oskar hurting himself by running into walls or not being able to use a litter box, the couple diligently researched in order to know as much as possible about having a blind kitten. They found that Oskar’s other senses took over, as nature would have it, even when it came to learning how to play with toys. He just figured it all out like any kitten would!

More than anything the Szydlowskis hope that Oskar’s story will inspire other people to open their homes to adoptable pets with special needs. Often people shy away from these animals thinking something is wrong with them. But nothing could be further from the truth. Special needs pets can live full, happy lives like any other animal, and they’re just extra, well… special! The Szydlowskis don’t see Oskar’s blindness as a handicap or burden – they see it as an opportunity to spend even more time with the feline they love. Now that’s inspiring!

So are you hooked on Oskar yet? Become his friend on Facebook so you can stay up to date on all his adventures! He is so popular even Ellen DeGeneres featured a video of him on her show! And hey, while you’re on Facebook make sure you’re’s friend, too! Last but not least know that there are so many special needs pets out there just as lovely and loving as Oskar. We’ve made it so easy for you to search for them that we’ve included a “special needs” box to check when you run your next search for a pet to adopt! These sweethearts are looking for their family, their safe home to belong to, and the people who will see them for what they truly are. Consider making another special needs pet as lucky as Oskar is… who knows, yours may even have the next famous YouTube video!

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