party-poodleOur friends over at Petcentric are ready to party with their pets! They say, “Love to party but want to get your fun-loving “party animals” involved, too? From novel ideas to pet safety, we’ve got the lowdown! Parties aren’t just for humans. From birthdays to parades, pets enjoy dressing for special events, and we enjoy seeing them dressed up. Are your pets party animals?

Let’s Play Dress-Up

Since gathering with friends and family is one of our favorite ways to celebrate a special occasion, the dogs also get in on the action. Over the years they have sported decorative dog sweaters or seasonal-printed bandannas to get into the party spirit.

When choosing clothing for your party animals, keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t obstruct the pet’s ability to see, walk, or breathe.
  • Choose an accessory or clothing made specifically for pets.
  • Pick a quiet outfit (without bells and squeakers) that won’t startle or annoy your pet.

Special Party Treats

Although I look forward to indulging in a piece of celebratory cake or a tray of cookies, these sweet treats aren’t good for pets. In fact, chocolate is poisonous to both dogs and cats.

Commit to keeping your pets healthy and happy during a party. I like to keep all candy out of reach and head to the pet store to pick out something special for my dogs. I enjoy selecting a variety of soft, chewy, and crunchy treats.

Going Out on the Town

There are many ways to get involved in the community for seasonal celebrations. Local shelters and rescue groups often host holiday party-themed fundraising events. For a small entry fee that helps adoptable pets, you can take part in a parade, costume contest, or pet party — or even wander through a corn maze in the fall.

In the past, I have served as the emcee for a local costume contest for pets. I think the pet owners were having just as much fun as the party animals. There were many “ooohs and ahhhs” coming from the crowd as each pet took its turn on the runway.

Whether you dress up your pets with colorful bandannas or surprise them with special party treats, your four-legged family members will love the extra attention during a celebration — and you’ll cherish all the funny snapshots of them indulging in the moment!

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