The wonderful pet-loving folks over at are celebrating Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month this month by introducing their readers to extraordinary canines who need homes throughout December, including the adorable pair of once neglected dogs Kade and Shoes, two lifelong companions who overcame horrible circumstances together. It’s hard to believe that this sweet pair was given up by their previous owners because they no longer wanted them – but their surrender to the North Central Los Angeles city shelter may have been the best thing for them.

When Tails of the City Rescue group founder Mary Ann Lagana first met them at the kill shelter in July, they were in awful shape. Both dogs’ fur was matted and they looked terribly unhealthy. Kade, 10, could barely walk without collapsing, and Shoes, 6, was emaciated. Thankfully, Lagana and her team were able to save them from euthanization and take on the expensive challenge of getting them healthy again.

A few months later, both dogs are thriving in a foster home. Kade, a cocker spaniel, was treated for anemia and kidney issues and he’s now active and happy. Shoes, a shih tzu mix, has put on some weight and eight of his infected teeth were pulled.

Friendly, affectionate and very well-trained, these guys love to be cuddled and are very young at heart – a far cry from the sad, neglected dogs they were this summer. After everything they’ve been through, they deserve a place to comfortably live out the rest of their lives.

“They are just doing so well,” says Lagana. “The dogs need to stay together because they’re amazingly bonded.”

The perfect owner for this duo would be capable of funding their continuing medical care and have the time to give them extra attention. “They need a yard,” she says, “because when they have kidney problems they need to pee a lot.”

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