The supportive pet-loving folks over at have chosen another gem to feature! And oh boy, is Rizzo as star-worthy as they come. It’s hard to believe that this beautiful gal was found abandoned in a park with her pup. Although she was first protective of her baby and of herself, Rizzo quickly showed her true colors – that of an affectionate, loving, sweetheart. Rizzo simply, “looks into your eyes hoping that you’ll be the person she will never have to leave,” says one of her many fans at Alamo Heights Animal Care Services in San Antonio, Texas.

Her puppy has been adopted from the shelter, but this doll is still looking for her own loving family to belong to. Her requests aren’t high-maintenance at all either! Rizzo is good with other dogs, cats, and kids so she should fit right into any home lucky enough to adopt her. This 2-3 year old girl is so smart and so loyal that a dog training service has even expressed interest in training her for soldiers who suffer from PTSD! Yep, the verdict has been reached: Rizzo is a special soul.

There are so many special souls right now just like Rizzo at a shelter near you! And all these animals want and need is a happy family of their own. Search on our homepage to find your match today! If you’d like to learn more about Rizzo and how to adopt her, please click here!  Did you like this story? Click an icon below to share it on Facebook, Twitter, and more!