’s partnership is raising awareness of animals adoption! Each month, highlights a pet from who is looking for a home. Today we’d like you to meet Beatrice, a black-and-tan coonhound from Arkansas whom we met through

Beatrice was found tied to a tree without shelter, food or water. Cold and hungry, the 3-year-old was frightened, but has since warmed up to her human friends at the Humane Society of Garland County. “She is grateful and kind, [has] plenty of food, and loves her warm place to sleep and the many ‘boyfriends’ she plays with,” says volunteer Theresa Carter. The pup walks very well on a leash, and enjoys strolls with shelter staffers.

“She’s a good girl who is longing for her very own family that will love her and take good care of her,” Carter says. “She will love them with all of her heart for the rest of her life!” View her profile at here.