This story comes to us from Robyn R. of Los Angeles:

HappyBeginnings! I googled “rescue dogs” and got a plethora of photos from I was overwhelmed by the amount of animals in need of a home. One of the first pictures I got was of a Cocker named Dakota. I knew this dog was for me and my two boys. We raced over to Friends of Animals shelter and a woman was just about to walk a dog and I just knew that it was Dakota!! I said, “Dakota!” and he looked up at me, and the volunteer looked at me incredulously and said, “Oh, you know Dakota?” Even though the photo I’d seen was just of his face and very small, I felt such a connection to this dog I knew it must be Dakota. I adopted him immediately! He is approximately 7 years old and doesn’t let a tennis ball leave his mouth! He has brought such joy into my life and my family’s. I kept receiving Search Saver e-mails about other available dogs and couldn’t resist getting him a buddy. We went back to the same rescue foundation and adopted Max, a very spirited 1-year-old Cocker. He is the clown of the family and keeps us laughing and moving! I get stopped on the street daily to tell me what beautiful dogs they are!

Thank you for enriching my life with these wonderful animals. Not only did I save their lives but they are saving mine by giving me unconditional love and happiness.