Pia writes… Remember those old Doublemint Gum commercials — the ones with twins doing all sorts of activities to a song that went something like…”Double surfing…double singing… double kissing… etc.”? Well just yesterday I did a true double take, and it led to a very interesting connection! So there I am in the waiting room at my vet’s office and in come some Frannie and Sharkey look-a-likes! I jokingly said, “That’s not Franny and Sharkey is it?” To which the proud mama laughed and said. “No not Frannie and Sharkey but Fala and Winnie.”

I got to chatting with Fala and Winnie’s mama, who’s name is Alex, and we both raved about how much we appreciate veterinary neurologist (and huge supporter of rescue) Dr. Jason Berg, and the other vets at Animal Specialty Center. As Alex was about to go into an examining room with her pooches I asked if I could take a photo of her Frenchies for a blog I do with Frannie and Sharkey.

“Wait… The Daily Wag?!?!?” Alex squealed. “Are you Pia?” You’d think she’d met Martha herself! I felt like such a rock star! Alex hugged me and went on to say, “I can’t believe it… I love the Daily Wag, I love Martha… wait is that Minnow, your latest rescue?”

“Yes,” I replied, “it’s Minnow, who I blogged about–”

“You don’t understand, I used to work in the movie industry in L.A., I don’t get impressed easily,” Alex interjected. “But Frannie, Sharkey, you…The Daily Wag…I can’t believe it! My friends and I read The Wag religiously… I’m speechless.”

I snapped a few photos of Fala and Winnie on my phone and asked Alex to send me others to share with our fellow Daily Waggers (see gallery above). I was also thrilled to learn of Alex’s involvement in both Frenchie and Bullmastiff rescue! Apparently the Bullmastiff Rescue Organization she works with is in desperate need of fosters who have experience with larger dogs. If you can help with foster or a donation, please contact them!

I’ve often said that the best way to honor a breed that you love is to adopt from and support breed rescue groups. Alex is a living example of this!

Sadly, so many pure bred dogs and cats are bought but then find themselves homeless due to their humans divorcing, moving, having baby humans, a foreclosure or any number of circumstances. If you love a certain breed, how better to show it than to help those of that breed who are in need… that rhymes!

What a small world it can be — I like that –and so often it is our love of animals that creates these connections!

Thanks to Alex for all she does to help the animals in need!

In kinship,
Dr. Pia Salk

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