1930 Petey Little Rascals Pitbull Pitbulls… what just happened as you read that? Did your hair stand on end with fear or did you fill up with a warm sense of love and comfort? Sadly, many among us have been conditioned by the myriad sensationalist pit bull-related stories put forth in the media. And whether you love the breed or not, it is important to know that the vast majority of these stories are misinformed, partial accounts that have come to represent a minority of incidents. The fact-based reports and statistics on this breed offer an entirely different picture. For starters, you may be surprised to learn that in the 1940’s and 50’s pit bulls were affectionately referred to as “America’s Nanny Dog.” Their stability, natural affinity for humans, and good nature with kids had many American families “employing” pit bulls to watch over precious new family members. And if any of you has had the good fortune to know a pittie personally, you’ll agree that their ongoing wish to make their love and affection known with kisses likely kept these kids “well groomed” to boot!

But the impressive history of this now-maligned breed does not stop here. Their praises could be sung by every municipal chorus and there would still be more content upon which to write an opera!

Pit bulls have not only been trusted to care for human infants, but also, large companies, and even countries, have branded them as “spokes-beings” for their products and causes! Their professional portfolio includes serving as the face for Radio Corporation of America (RCA) and they were America’s choice to convey loyalty and integrity on WWI and WWII campaign posters to enroll troops. In today’s market, if pit bulls had agents they’d land all sorts of coveted gigs.

President Woodrow Wilson’s best friend was not only a pit bull but he was also a… finish the post by clicking here. Pia

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