Getting ready to adopt a new puppy?’s “The Puppy Manual” is not a complete guide to raising a puppy – there are entire books devoted to that topic! However it is a super-helpful and concise 21 pages covering the basics, to help you prepare for the arrival and first few months with your new puppy.  The basic training, socialization, and guidelines explained simply with many easy-to-follow steps can be used starting at the age of 8 weeks, the earliest age at which most people would be bringing a puppy into their home. If your puppy is slightly older, as long as they are under 6 months old, these steps can still be helpful! For puppies older than 6 months, many of these tips still apply, but you’ll want to look at the other articles we have in our blog that are for older puppy & dogs too. We have several formats of The Puppy Manual for you to choose from, click any of them to download and start reading:

1. PDF free download, two sizes:

2. Tablets/e-readers free download:

3. Kindle download: — this version costs 99 cents, the lowest we could make it available on Amazon.

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The highest percentage of dogs surrendered to shelters are adolescents – thorough puppy training and socialization can prevent many puppies and dogs from becoming homeless. Help puppies everywhere by sharing The Puppy Manual a free download from with everyone you know who has or will soon be adding a new puppy to their home! Click the icons below for easy sharing.